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This is our second year offering a modified CSA in the form of a  Farm Member Card or Farm Credit.  It eliminates the worry of whether your family will use all of the vegetable varieties and or amounts on a given week. It takes the worry out of what to do with your share if you are not in town on pick-up day or if you are away on vacation.
 This CSA Model has worked well as it has given us a way to work with our full time residents as well as our second home or part-time residents. The original objective of a CSA  is that you the consumer are supporting a farm during a time when their income is lower due to the off season. During this off season, our expenses are typically higher because our expenses are up due to seeds, greenhouse heat and supplies as we are starting the plants for the upcoming growing season.
This farm credit may be used any day of the week, any hour we are open, on any products the farm produces.  Organically Grown Vegetables , Pesticide free PYO or Pre-Picked Berries, Annual Plants, Annual Plant Hangers, Perennials,  Trees ,Shrubs, Pumpkins, Gourds or Holiday Wreaths and Christmas Trees are all products that can be purchased using your CSA Farm Credit. Please let us know if you are asking someone else to pick up your share or if you would like us to select a basket of produce for you.
The farm share can be purchased between Feb. 1st and April 30th, 2012.  A whole share is $500.00 with a farm incentive amount of $50.00 which we add to your account for you to spend as you please.  A half share is $250.00  with a farm incentive of $25.00 for a total of $275.00. It is like getting a $25.00 or $50.00 dollar coupon for things you purchase already! Share credits are good till December 31, 2012. Payment plans available. Boyd Family Farm Home Office p.802.464.5618. Limited Shares available.